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GRC is Pleased to announce Steve White[ Paul Weller ] as a Guest Celebrity Drum Teacher

    Steve White has joined GRC Percussion as a Guest Teacher and will be giving one to one tuition To GRC students on a regular basis , Students being taught by GRC teachers will have the opportunity to spend one to one Hourly lessons with Steve , taking full advantage of his vast experience as a highly profiled and prolific Musician , Its great to have Steve on board as a GRC Teacher.

    Steve’s Musical career

    Steve White was given a small drum as a child by his uncle and upon joining his local boys brigade he began to learn his craft. As with Steve's band mate Paul Weller, he was given full support from his parents who went out of their way to help their son develop what was sooner rather than later to be Steve's vocation. Steve spent his youth learning from the "greats" such as Buddy Rich and Louis Bellson, along with lessons from well known drumming teacher Bob Armstrong. Steve complemented his work gigging with local bands with part time work, spending any spare cash on updating his collection of jazz records. In 1983 Steve auditioned for an un-named band which turned out to be Paul Weller's new group, The Style Council. Weller was impressed with the 17-year old drummer's jazz background and asked Steve to come back the following day. Steve stayed with the band for some years but was never actually invited to join, even though he appeared in most of their videos and on all but a few recordings. He became the youngest drummer on stage at Live Aid at Wembley in 1985 (and also played the LIVE8 gig at Hyde Park with The Who). Steve left the Style Council in 1988 in order to pursue other projects and went on to play with many well known acts, such as Ian Dury, The Redskins, and the Jazz Renegades. When the Style Council reformed for a one off gig for Japanese TV in 1990, Paul Weller invited Steve to his studio to hear a few demo tracks and maybe play along. Steve was soon back full time behind the kit for Weller's solo projects which still holds fast today twenty two years later. His brother Alan White is also a drummer, who played in the famous brit pop band - Oasis for nine years (1995-2004). Alan has been quoted as saying about Steve that beside influences such as Ringo Starr and Bonzo, his brother Steve was also one of his main influences. During Oasis's tour of the United States in 2001, Alan had tendonitis leading to Steve standing in for his younger brother on some of these shows.
    Matt Skeats at GRC Tuition with Steve White